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Dr. Ilaria Perissi

A physical chemistry doctoral graduate of the University of Florence (2009). Her current research focuses on biophysical economics and climate change mitigation at the University of Florence, where she is an assistant professor. As Dr. Perissi has proven in several works, systems dynamics models may be quite useful when looking at resource utilisation. One of Europe’s most prestigious and competitive scholarships for research and innovation was just given to her: the Marie Skodowska-Curie Actions fellowship.

Ugo Bardi

Ugo Bardi teaches physical chemistry at the University of Florence, Italy. He is also a member of the Club of Rome, the prestigious think tank that sponsored the famous study titled “The Limits to Growth” in 1972, Ugo Bardi is also senior editor of the Springer Journal “Biophysical Economics and Sustainability.” He is an expert in the economics and geopolitics of resource exploitation and has multiple publications and books on the subject.

About The Book
I wrote

“The Empty Sea” is co-authored by Italian researcher Ilaria Perissi and professor Ugo Bardi. It explores the consequences of the overexploitation of the resources of the sea, from overfishing to dumping waste into it. Even though 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water, the sea is not infinite and we cannot keep using it as our supermarket and our waste bin at the same time. This book explains how things stand: overexploitation is reaching levels that cannot be ignored anymore. We seriously risk doing irreversible harm to the marine ecosystem.

“The Empty Sea” is based on updated scientific results, focussing on the sea’s marine life and the harms caused by pollution. But it also discusses the influence of the sea on human cultures and the sea’s natural beauty and how we can have a better relation to it. We need to change our habits, and to do that as soon as possible!

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